"I started Solnetic because of my long-time passion for renewable energy coupled with my background of over 30 years as an electrical engineer, integrated circuit tech company founder, and public company executive." Norm Hildreth, President

The mission of Solnetic is to provide Renewable Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panel Electric Generation Systems, Complete Electrical Services Including Generators, EV Chargers & Lighting, Power Storage Systems, Service & Maintenance, and Smart Home & Business Energy Systems backed by a dedicated local sales consultation, design, installation, service, and warranty support team for residential, commercial, and government customers in MA, NH, and ME.  We are excited to be able to provide our customers complete solutions and work with them to provide the best experience possible to make sure their energy needs are met and exceeded! See our Quality & Money Saving Projects here!

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Our Testimonials

Arrived on time; notified me of safety issues, needed a new box to accommodate the job. Even put together my electric fireplace/mantel. Clean and courteous. Will use when I redo the kitchen upstairs!

Mary Lou, Concord

Great to work with. Amazing price and completed quickly!

Matt, Londonderry

"All I can say is Wow! Showed up on time. Very professional. And fixed a big problem in a timely manner. Next day service from when we called them. And the price was very fair!"

Jeannete, Rochester, NH

"I was an early adopter of solar electric power generation in 2007 installing a 6.2kW array on my home in Carlisle, MA that generates more than 40% of our power needs with additional energy being sold back to the grid benefiting others."

Norm, President

"Solnetic's Electrical Team did a great job - We will definitely use them again!"

Mike, Rochester, NH

"I have the great opportunity of being Operations Manager for Solnetic, where I can use my electrical knowledge and experience to help people, communities and organizations throughout New England."

Corey, Operations Manager

Again, everything was great, Arrived right on time, did everything we needed, and cleaned up every area perfectly!

TJ, Hampstead, NH

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Earning your business - Why Solnetic Solar

Service - Solar System Assessment, Maintenance, and Repair

We offer a full suite of services for customer’s existing solar generation systems including panel surface cleaning, cleaning under panels, electrical evaluation & testing of system performance to original specifications, safety inspection of panels, wiring, inverter, cut-off switch.  And Sun-Eye analysis of current solar access to panels vs. original measurements (shade analysis), and a report clearly stating evaluation results, and recommendations.  See our Quality Solnetic Solar Projects here!

Finance -Start Saving Today! 

In the last ten years, solar power costs have dropped by 75% making solar an affordable investment for homeowners and businesses.  Financing your solar system does not have to be expensive. Solnetic will work with you to find flexible payment options, so you can choose what’s right for you. Flexible solar financing, is widely available so your solar savings can start with very little or no upfront costs. 

Environmental Benefits

Solar panels do not produce any pollution whatsoever - not even noise pollution!  Solar power is renewable and since the sun is a constant source of power the earth is not in danger of depleting its reserves. However fossil fuels are a non-renewable energy source and will eventually run out.  Unlike oil, solar power usage does not emit any greenhouse gases, nor does the acquisition of it harm ecosystems a huge advantages of solar power.

Solnetic is dedicated to providing optimal energy, solar and electrical solutions for your home or business.

Our sales, service, install teams, and management operate on the principles of holding the customer’s time, trust, and investment in the highest regard.  We will clearly define the work, products, performance,  process, and schedule to the customer in writing and will deliver all aspects on-time to their satisfaction. See our Quality Solar Projects!